Hello folks, greetings to you. My big name is GOH LI MAY, call me Li May will do(:
3 days
Date: Sunday, August 31, 2008
Time: 7:56 PM
hey somehow i have neglected this blogspot guadually.

oh well reporting about Friday...

first and foremost

it's Teachers' Day celebration. somehow or another i can feel excitement in the air. actually what to get excited about? haa. well, upper secondary went up the hall for Punggol Superstar Finals while juniors spit for exercises, deemed as ACES day? whatever. Punggol Superstar wasnt any entertaining at all. those singers shrilling, assailed my ears. urghh. i did better off be at the field rolling will be much more happier. well, classmates Jess and Esther sang quite melodiously though... 3 cheers for them:)

back to class for celebration, MY FOOT. knnbccb that
harlot did not either inform or bought any thing for us
to celebrate. what kind of fucked shit is this? school
mates were eating and playing boisterously, us? ccb
we just sit around and stare into the air blankly. wtf
is this lah... 2 cliques and i went around the school
like refugees. wishing teachers and in return they
offered us to eat with their classes. how gratifying
and caring those endearing teachers they are.

canteen, for canteen food to fill our empty
stomach, duhh~ classmates came down too.

we celebrated among us in canteen?

concert later was quite an entertaining one, especially the performace
by dearest Mrs OwYong. she has the voice to sing with her chinese class
live band. she looked like a star shooting MTV too! haha. yes because of
the wind that was blowing against her wavy hair. enjoyed!

i was ecstatic by the crowd outside the hall.
part of 5N3 07 teapot gang was there. WOWW.
who else do i miss other than,

LiFen PeiWen YiLing YiLin Kim PuiPui Aisha Nadya Nadirah Joanna SiMin Vaish XueMing JunLong Alex Leonard Cheeming Marcus Lewis RenWei Roger Airis Anwar

the days when we were together... aww... everything is past tense now.

dashed home,
bathed and changed,
met the rest for K box session.

as for Saturday, i woke up at 4pm due to the fatigue accumulated
from the days before and before before... so damn tired lah. almost
cant differ from a zombie okay...

met people for Jess' barbeque at East coast.
i swear i am not going that place anymore.
cursed long and bumpy bus ride made me
giddy and feel like vomiting. urgh. there was
still a long long distance to walk before we
reached East Coast park and worst the pit.

bought cup noodles at 7-11 as my breakfast. else i think
i will be in the hospital now. haa. noodles and soup had long
landed in my stomach while we walked from area C to D.
i still managed to devour some grilled food at the pit.

and they settled down at a table for riddles and jokes,
the latter was ghost stories at the last minutes of this
Hungry Ghost Festival. spooky lah... it does sent shivers
up and down my spine. ooooo~

headed home with those boys again.

Tired lah! flat on bed.
of course i did bathed to get rid of
the reeked of smoke on my body.

well as for today,
glued to the computer, couch and bed. teehee.

hey bitches, cliques, alliance, friends...
ring or text me out okay? yawns*