Hello folks, greetings to you. My big name is GOH LI MAY, call me Li May will do(:
last paper
Date: Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Time: 10:45 AM
it looks like as if someone had punched me
straight into my left eye. it's so swollen...

prelims ended. so can i celebrate now?
nahh... approximately 1 month to O levels!

Monday's Mathematics paper was horrendously done.
i can visualise Ong giving me an earful after he saw my
paper. basically i have 4 foolscape papers, written with
only the question numbers on the left margin. haha, it's
doom. i knew it. all blank...

preceding was Biology paper. seems like Lim set the
paper from easy to difficult. after completing Section
A, i happily left a 6 marks question blank and slumped
over my desk waiting for the call Pens down. hahaha.

and yesterday's practical was significantly enjoyable.
i did not stain my paper with chemical or iodine but i messed up
my whole table with that unknown salt, apparatus and samples.
chopping up banana for Biology's food test, adding phenolphthalein
for a hot pink solution in Chemistry test. well, it doesnt matter
whether i get the correct name for the salt anymore.

almost couldnt wake up at 6.30am this morning because ever since
holidays, i have been sleeping at 3am and waking at 2pm the next
day. moreover school started late for Monday and Tuesday. therefore
waking up at 6.30 this morning seems to have shorten my life. haha.
managed to reach school at 7.30am sharp as usual though.

Science paper 1 was child's play lah.
hahaha. as easy as ABC(D). well, there
is only 4 answers, neither A B C or D.
so, shade as you favour lah. hahaha.

before exam i deduce a conclusion. in chemistry if you do not
know the answer, just shade either B or D. it has the higher
possibility to get correct answer. yes, i followed. teehee!

home aftermath.

it's so shiok! went home so early and continued my sleep.
woke up at 4pm feeling so fresh and energetic! alrights,
boards out, mugging for Art. Friday! the Dooms Day!

as for romorrow it is a self-declare "off" day from school.
WAHAHAHA. marking day... marking day... hehehe.

off to dinner...