Hello folks, greetings to you. My big name is GOH LI MAY, call me Li May will do(:
Date: Friday, February 20, 2009
Time: 8:43 PM
okay, you can put it that i'm lazy or just accept that i'm busy.
sorry for not updating but i dreamt that i have updated. haha!

mmm, let's rewind to Valentines Day...

so yeah the banquet went on well,
as planned. and when newly-wed
lit up some candles to form the
following picture together. (below)

isnt it nice?

my camera was too lousy that forbidden me
to take pictures in the dark. arghh, nevermind.

eating is always my hobby, a joy.
who cares about weight, humph.
dont waste food lah, i gobbled up
everything except the chicken.

i was pestering mom to get the waiter to cook for
me maggie mee because i was far too hungry. haa.

drank chinese tea initially until i saw the waiters uncorking some
glass bottled drink. felt like grapping the bottle from them and
pop it because they were struggling to open it with a tool. haix...
noobs! haha. finally when they uncorked it, i asked for a share of
the red wine. arhh... and hence my rose gets to taste chinese tea!

wahahaha, the outcome by ultimate-me(:

and then the banquet ended shortly after.

my family went home straight
while i left to meet A13. hahaha.
stayed out and reached home
in the morning.

on Sunday...

oh ya, sincerely apologise to colleagues from Noel.
so sorry i cant present myself during the Sentosa
outing, partially forgotten about it too. haha.
very very sorry(:

and then it was Monday again.
went to work this whole week.
and also watered their plants in
the very-beautiful toilet.

that's the plants and me sitting on a parapet in the toilet.

i enjoys slamming his big and sturdy stapler really hard everyday. hehe.


but today i found one automatic stapling machine.
more cool than this! haha. just simply push the
stacks of papers into the machine and the sensor
will get the message to clip the papers together!

damn fun lah.

i think i want to ask my supervisor, the one with bad breathe
likely to suffocate people one to give me that machine as a
present when i leave the office. hahaha. then i think i will give
her my Eclipse mints in return to ward off her bad breathe. lmao.

alright, here ending off showing you 2 bitchy babes in alfresco dining and sparring.
wahahaha. happily taken pictures when the others were... ..okay bye.